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Perhaps you have heard about the benefic effects of the miraculous thermal water of Sarcau Bath. You are invited to spend a couple of unforgettable days, weeks here.

Adorianis Spa Complex is located in Sarcau village, Sarbi commune, Bihor county, approx. 36 km far from Oradea city.

The complex is formed of two pensions: Vila Rossa and Adoriana, both of them with three stars. The rooms are large with own bathrooms and with modern endowments.

The modern building and the pleasant ambience completed with the amiability and professionalism of the staff guarantee your maximum comfort. You can find here modern design, and cosy feeling. The pools with thermal water you can enjoy here, are a real getaway from everyday life.


The past
sarcau bath sarcau bath

Between 1971-1972 some geological researches were executed here in Sarcau with the hope to find oil, gas, geothermal and drinking water. It was built a probe to find geothermal water. As a result of the researches in the miocene ground surface it was found a thermo mineral water-bearing horizon., with a runoff of 1,5 l/s. It is a chlorosodic water with a temperature of 43°C containing traces of gas.

The probe was given to the local administrative authorities who consctructed a little beach and they used thermo mineral water. It was built four little pools where people had the opportunity to take benefit from the curative thermal water. It was built a thermal water drainer, changing rooms, toilets, open-air showers. The importance of this beach has increased in parallel with the fame of the high quality thermal water. In time it has attracted the attention of some doctors from Oradea who has sent their pacients there.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of investments, the buildings and pools became neglected. The pools have been degraded, the conduits has got clogged. As a consequence, in the nineties from the initial four pools remained only two.

In 1991 an investor’s attention was captured by a little crowd of people in the open field near the road that binds Zalău and Oradea. One day he broke his yourney, and stopped there to see what was going on there. Of course he had a bath in the pools. When he discovered the curative effect of the water, he decided that the place worth investing in it.

In february 2003 the bath was put up for auction, where he became the winner. In a relatively short time elegant pensions were built with comfortable rooms offering full services. The pools were reconditioned as well. At the beginning was built a covered pool. This way people had the opportunity to use the pools for treatment purposes at winter-time too.

In september 2005, after the finishing of ADORIANA pension, some villas were built on the neighbouring hills to become a home for the staff. The construction was finished one year later.

In october 2006 the building of another pension has begun which was finished two years later. This is VILA ROSSA. It has 10 rooms, 2 apartments, a restaurant, a conference room. Besides, it was invested a lot in the treatment base that incorporates an interior pool with thermal water, a gymnastics room, and medical cabinets. It was used alternative energies for heating such as solar panels. This way 40 litres/minute of water is assured that is sufficient for four showers at the same time. The solar energy is used at the pools and at the treatment base as well.

The present
sarcau bath sarcau bath
complex adorianis
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